If you have loose carpet with wrinkles then you need to call DFW Steam Cleaning to have your carpet re-stretched.

Fort Worth Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching

Carpet is stretched when it installed and secured with tack board around the edges. However in time the carpet backing will loosen up and the carpeting will wrinkle. When the carpet starts to get loose it will need to be re-stretched. The carpeting can become loose from moving furniture accross the carpeting, regular traffic, and other factors.

Proper installation requires a tool called a carpet stretcher or a power stretcher.  Some technicians use what they call a “kicker”, but they just are not enough.  When you see carpet ripples, carpet wrinkles, or bunched up carpet, that’s when it is time to have your carpet stretched. For carpet repair and restretching our technicians use a power stretcher to get your carpet as tight or tighter than when it was new. If your carpet has holes or any other damages we can do those repairs as well for you.