Beautiful carpet floors are properly installed carpeting. The key to properly installed carpet is stretching it tight. Depending on the carpet and other factors you carpet will loosen over time.

Fix Your Unsafe Wrinkled Carpets

Carpet Wrinkles

Once your carpet starts to wrinkle it will only get progressively worse. Moving furniture, foot traffic, or even the humidity can cause the carpet backing to loosen up and allow carpet wrinkles to form and grow. A new carpet has a tight carpet backing and if not properly stretched will appear tight at installation time but after a few weeks or months the carpet backing will begin to loosen up, and that is when the wrinkles begin to form. The carpet backing will eventually find a happy normal spread, and it is the goal to stretch your carpet slightly above this point so that your carpet always remains tight in all directions.

Our group is qualified to use a wide range of stretching and carpet care techniques and methods. The purpose of carpet re-stretching is to avoid short life span of carpet, decrease any tripping over wrinkles and develop as much as possible the undesirable appearance of the wrinkled carpet. Carpet re-stretching is needed when your carpets are baggy or wrinkled in areas. Re-Stretching eliminates the wrinkles and significantly helps the appearance of your carpets.

Buckling carpets a.k.a. Wrinkling Carpets a.k.a. Rippled Carpets, all need to be power stretched to make them tight beyond just the appearance it's a safety issue. Rippling carpets can cause trip and fall hazards. Wrinkled carpets also trap more dirt under the carpet and in the carpet padding, the dirt filters through the carpet backing and settels under the carpet and with a rippled carpet, it is hard to remove with vacuuming. A tight carpet will last longer, look better, and easier to clean, and safer for you and your family.

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